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Issue No. 40 | February 2023


Catherine Ziegler

Flexing Fitness for All

Transformation is a key part of a person’s fitness journey, so it’s fitting that Catherine Ziegler has evolved her local fitness studio to offer something for just about everyone in town.

When Ziegler opened the studio in 2019, it was the local franchise of The Dailey Method, which meant mostly barre classes taught in the Dailey Method style. Earlier this month, however, Ziegler rebranded and is now offering barre, cycling, and a host of other (fun) workout options.

The place also has a new name: now it’s simply, The Studio.

Ziegler credits the Healdsburg community with keeping her business afloat and helping grow it into something she never even dreamed of when she opened the place less than five years ago.

“We are here because of the Healdsburg community,” said Ziegler, who has three daughters and has lived in Healdsburg since 2013. “After everything we’ve been through—the pandemic, the transition with the brand, and the last few years—I truly believe that one of the reasons we’re still around is this community.”

Another reason The Studio has survived: innovation. In the early days of the pandemic, Ziegler allowed regular members to take home spin bikes and participate in classes by following along via Zoom. Later in the pandemic, The Studio held fitness classes in its outdoor parklet.

Today classes in the lineup at The Studio are a mix of practical and whimsical.

On the practical side, there are barre, cycle, power kickboxing, dance, cardio; on the whimsical side, there’s cardio dance, kids’ self-defense, roller skating, and studio sculpt (a combo of barre and yoga).

According to Ziegler, more classes are on the way. Earlier this year she eliminated the studio’s retail offerings and invested in three pilates reformer machines; soon enough, Ziegler herself will be certified to teach members on them. Ziegler is even leaving room in the schedule to add other offerings—perhaps even classes people haven’t thought up yet.

“We’re viewing this year as a reflective and communicative year,” she said. “Our logo is two crescent moons facing each other. It’s as if we’re reflecting to our community, saying, ‘What are your ideas?’ I’m excited for whatever comes next.”

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