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You can’t tell from the street, but the sidewalks of our project sit atop a state-of-the-art innovation designed to facilitate tree growth, minimize storm runoff, and recharge the water table in a way that allows for greater conservation of resources.

At Mill District, a purposeful and long-term approach to sustainability is central to everything we do. In anticipation of drought conditions across California, Mill District has taken significant steps to address water conservation and be water wise.

We here at Mill District always love a good party, and our groundbreaking event for our community housing July 19 was a great excuse to celebrate a cement foundation and throw some dirt in the air (literally).

As Healdsburg continues to emerge from COVID-19 restrictions, Healdsburg Avenue outside the Mill District neighborhood is returning to normal as well—a sign that our work on the main artery through town is coming to an end.

If you’ve driven by the Mill District neighborhood in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we’re underway with the infrastructure along Healdsburg Avenue. There are still cones redirecting traffic in front of Mill District, but the good news is that we expect the main thoroughfare through town to be all spruced up again soon.

To the untrained observer, it might not look like much is happening on our site, but lots is going on—the kind of work that serves as the literal and figurative infrastructure for all of the development still to come. According to Jim Hall, director of design and construction, crews currently are “setting the backbone” for the entire neighborhood.

Work is underway on the Mill District neighborhood and already, big changes are evident. According to Jim Hall, our director of design and construction, to this point site developments fall into two major categories: Off-site improvements and on-site improvements.

At Mill District, sustainability is central to everything we do. It drives us to be smart about the way we approach our project. It reminds us to take only what we must as we develop our corner of Wine Country. It encourages us to minimize our impact on the City of Healdsburg as a whole. Managing Director David Hill calls sustainability our “guiding light,” and that metaphor seems apt. All told, there are five components of our commitment to sustainability.

After five years of planning and dreaming about developing our new neighborhood on the southeast side of the roundabout in downtown Healdsburg, we are thrilled to announce that Mill District is under construction.

Dirt is flying these days at the Mill District site—an exhilarating development that officially has kicked off construction on the project.